Our online classes, designed for all levels of students, include:

  • a thorough warm up, with a cranial-sacral self-massage
  • awareness of the energy centers (chakras) of our bodies
  • asanas that empower and strengthen, making us more aligned and flexible
  • inversions and counter-poses
  • pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • yoga nidra (psychic sleep) and other meditative techniques to close our class by helping our bodies and minds relax and absorb all the work we’ve done

The classes vary in length depending on the teacher and day of the week. Classes can take 2 to 3 hours, but you are welcome to come and go as your schedule permits. We encourage you to try a full class at least once to experience and understand the whole offering.

House Rules

For the comfort and safety of our chemically sensitive residents and visitors, please do not wear perfumed products or bring chemically scented products into the house. We provide yoga mats for student use, but for cleanliness please also bring a towel. Remove your shoes and leave your ego at the door. 🙂